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Anyone who works retail has probably had to suffer through weeks of unending Christmas music. If you're lucky, you may at least get to enjoy lots of different songs. If not, you're probably listening to the same tracks over and over. Where I work, it's a combination -- multiple artists, same songs. One day last year, I heard 7 different renditions of Frosty the Snowman in an hour. 

There are some holiday songs I enjoy, but I want to listen to them when I choose to, not be forced to listen to them for hours. And I've seen plenty of posts from shoppers (not just local either) who don't like it either. (And not for any religious or political reasons.)

Although there are a number of Christmas songs I simply do not like, there are 3 in particular which really irk me. 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Baby It's Cold Outside, and My Favorite Things

A cheerful tune almost every kid knows, a song for the more mature crowd, and the cheery song meant to make you feel better from The Sound of Music. What could possibly be wrong with any of them?

I'll start with My Favorite Things. Simply put, it's NOT a Christmas song just because sleigh bells and snowflakes on lashes happen to be some of the favorite things. I'm pretty sure that if four leaf clovers or gold had been in that list we wouldn't start hearing it played on St. Patrick's Day. I really think someone was reaching and in need of one last cover song for their debut CD one day. Of these 3 songs, this is mostly just an annoyance. But I'm really sick of hearing it in December.

Baby It's Cold Outside. I used to like this song, but then I hadn't really given the lyrics much thought. Then a friend pointed out a very good reason to dislike it. Think about it. The woman wants to leave. She had a nice time but she is ready to go before the weather gets worse, and she doesn't want her family thinking bad things about her. Instead of being a gentleman, the guy tells her there's no cabs, so you'll have to stay a little bit longer, and by the way, here's more alcohol... to which the woman later asks what was in the drink, and that maybe she'll stay a little longer. That's not cool.

And lastly, Rudolph. Rudolph is an innocent little fawn who happened to be born differently than the other fawns. The bright red nose. Which of course the other deer make fun of, and no one says a word. Until Santa needs him to be a lantern. What does this song really teach kids? That it's okay to hate someone who is different than you are, until you find a use for them.  People will say, "Hey, but it's a traditional song!" And? Some traditions are bad and need to be discontinued. This song should be one of them. 

What Christmas/holiday songs do you dislike and why?

I've been asked if I could be quoted on the Rudolph comment, and my answer is yes (for that or the others). Just please:

1. Don't take my words out of context.
2. Give me credit -- Link back to this post.


Date: 2013-12-15 07:53 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] madwriter
At least when I worked at Borders one Christmas season, much of our music was from 1940s recordings. A lot of people complain that most Christmas songs are old, but I've always been a Big Band fan, so that was a treat.

And glad to know I'm not the only one who thought that about Baby It's Cold Outside. I can't even listen to it anymore.


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