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Is anyone else aggravated by the semi-recent upsurge in paper towels being replaced by air dryers (regular or the super powerful ones which try to blow your skin off) in public bathrooms? 

I understand that they do this to keep the restrooms cleaner, and to help the environment by reducing paper content, both of which I support. Unfortunately, it creates a host of other problems. Here are a couple which come to mind:

1. Restrooms aren't cleaner, in my experience.

It's hard to get your hands satisfyingly dry with lukewarm-to-hot air, so we're reduced to grabbing toilet paper from the stalls. The TP is generally cheap, and then falls apart in little clumps all over the place, and then sticks to your hands (and shoes if you step in it). From cleaning up cat-shredded TP at home, I know this is much more time consuming (especially when wet!) than picking up whole paper towels which missed the trash can.

Then there's the door. If it pushes outward, no problem! But many require you to pull the door inward to get out. And you know that plenty of people don't bother to wash their hands. So now you need more TP to grab the door handle with, so that you don't actually need to touch it with your clean hands. 

2. Winter = dry skin for a lot of people.

Some people have dry skin year-round for various reasons. Having air blown on my to my skin makes my problem infinitely worse and infinitely more painful. But it's that, hope it's a jean-day so you can get away with drying your hands on your pants!, or walk out with dripping wet hands.



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